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The One Stop Destination For All Your Drumming Needs

Drums are the most power musical instruments on the planet! A good set is an essential part of every band. However there are often many potential repairs that need to be done. It could be missing lugs, wobbly drum stools, pedals, rattly snares, or squeaky pedals, etc. The list goes on! A good drummer needs to learn not just how to play the drums, but also the basics of drum repairs and also a few maintenance tips to make the most of the drum kit. Drum repair services come handy in keeping your instrument in pristine condition.

Specialist advice can help when you handle your drum repairs. Beginners and intermediates can take the assistance of professionals in the field. Repairing a drum could be complicated, but if you have the right kit, the task could be simplified.

Some Useful Advice Is Listed Below:

Prevent damages through general maintenance. Some DIY repairs could come handy. But for more complex repairs it is best to seek the advice of specialists. Replacement parts can be rare to find for some old drums, but sometimes you can get lucky online. Simple repairs like fitting bolts, lugs, springs, wingnuts, clutch or clamp can be done by self.

Complex repairs like crack on the cymbal could mean the end of the drum, but there is always a solution with experts like epoxy resin filling. Recurring problems needs the assistance of specialists in the field.

Repairs and Restorations
A drum may need new skins, congas, bongos or hardware repairs; sometimes it could be a complex job like cutting bearing edges and re-wrapping drums. The services offered by drum repair services include snare throw off the installation,  Snare wire replacement, shell re-warps, hardware modifications, bearing edges, cutting snare beds, drilling or filling holes, vintage restoration, lug or bass mount installation, orchestral repairs and re-skinning.

Drum Tuning
Professional fine tuning of the drum is crucial to get the right output. Only qualified drum techs can tune your drums to the sound you are looking for. Our drummers are passionate about the job and love to share their knowledge. Learn the intricacies of attack, overtones and sustain from the experts. Over a period of time, our customers trust us to bring about the best sound in their drums.

Cymbal Cleaning
Drummer looking for cymbal cleaning or restoration can opt for our services. We can bring back the sheen on the cymbal as if it were right out of the showroom. The customers are literally blown away with the results! We can transform even the dirtiest, oxidised and grimy cymbal into sparkling new ones.  

Drum Rentals
Drum rentals are given on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The drum kit is offered to individuals, companies and recording studios. The complete drum kit or even individual pieces are provided for recording sessions or weekend gigs. Our revolving drum equipment from top brands makes us the most preferred drum rental company in town.

Our drum rental and repair services are used by many. Some of our regular customers are event management sites like, BTLE, Ravenswood, etc. We are listed on sites like, as one of the reputed drum repair and rental services.

So, the next time you need a few drums for your event, make sure to contact the pros in the industry!

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The Drum Cartel- Pep Up Your Spirits With Drum Beats!

Drums! These are musical instruments for the vibrant souls. The beat of drums has the power to cast a spell on your soul making you rejuvenated, energised and happier. A drum produces the rhythmic beat by vibration of a membrane which covers up one end or even both ends of a hollow body. The hollow body is called the shell. The membrane is stretched on the surface, and it produces sound when someone taps on it with hands or sticks. Drums are available in various sizes and shapes. But two of the most commonly used drum shapes are tube shaped and bowl shaped. There are also shallow drums, short drums, frame drum, etc. At Drum Cartel, you find almost every type of drums. Drums needs many kinds of services during their long lifespan. Here is a quick look at all the services including drums:

Repairing drums

Drums, due to repeated usage may get damaged often. It is necessary that the drums be fixed as soon as possible so that it can be used again to produce nice drum beats. Sometimes, just the head or skin of drums need to be replaced. Sometimes, the whole drum needs to be re-wrapped, and the bearing edges need to be cut. For getting the job done in the best way, the right tools for cleaning is mandatory. Proper tools ensure that the work is done perfectly. Also, drum repair needs some expertise and experience in doing it. Others might get it wrong. Drum Cartel always ensures that professional repair persons repair all the faulty drums.

Cleaning drums

However good a drum player you might be, if the drums are not periodically cleaned and maintained, it fails to produce the desired sound and effect. Regular care and cleaning of the instrument ensures that you get the perfect sound. But, just cleaning with a cloth and water won’t do. It requires proper materials to clean and maintain it. The best option to ensure a long lifespan for your drum would be regular preventive cleaning. It is advised to get a dust cover for your drum and cover it with that when not in use. This ensures that the drum remains clean. A nylon cover would be the best option available in the market. An experienced drum cleaner will use spray on applications and clean the drum spick and span. It helps to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc. Drum Cartel always ensures that their drums are regularly cleaned so that they produce the clear beat of drum sound.

Hiring drums

As Drum Cartel has the best in class drums, it is often given for hire during celebrations and events. Various event management companies hire the drums for making the event energetic and vibrant. The drum beat instantly raises up the spirits and makes the environment into a celebratory mood. One can check out sites like, Working Brides, Shaadi Bazaar, etc. to see how drums that are hired, are now being used events like ethnic-themed weddings. Often the drummers associated with us are featured on sites like due to their immense popularity.

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Five-Piece Drum Kit Will Help You Feel the Difference

A drum set is a collection of drums, cymbals and also often various other percussion tools, such as a cowbell, timber block, chimes or tambourines. The 5 item drum package stands for among the very best readily available drum collections for the novices.

Various suppliers consist of different elements in a 5 item drum set. Some producer would certainly recommend that a full sized five piece drum set will indeed consist of cymbals, bass drum pedal, throne, double-braced equipment, drum secret. Whereas, various other makers want to include Bass drum, Arrest drum, Flooring Tom, Hi-Hat, Collision cymbal, and also Trip cymbal in a 5 item drum package.

A lot of entry-level drum sets are made from basswood, poplar, or Philippine mahogany, which is more affordable than timber. It is excellent for a young teen simply starting. Higher-end drums utilize a lot more costly timber such as birch or maple, which generate an abundant and much more powerful tone.

A quick background

Drums were the first music tool, going back to at the very least 6000 B.C. Rhythm as well as tune are both primary functions in any opus, as well as drums operate as a wholly rhythmical tool, unlike other tools. The contemporary drum collection did not exist up until the 19th century, with the enhancement of pedals to permit a percussionist to control cymbals or drums with his feet.

Various elements of a 5 item drum package
A range of mixes are readily available in a five item drum set in the market; we would certainly be talking about a standard drum set which typically consists of a bass drum, a snare drum, a tom drum, a hi-hat, a collision cymbal and also a flight cymbal.

Bass drum

A bass drum is a big drum that creates a note of reduced certain or uncertain pitch. There are three basic categories of bass drums: the show bass drum, the kick drum, and also the pitched bass drum

Arrest drum.

The entrapment drum or side drum is a tubular drum made from timber or steel with skins, or heads, extended over the leading as well as lower openings, and also with a collection of cables extended throughout the bottom head.

Flooring Tom

A flooring Tom is a double-headed tom-tom drum which normally depends on the flooring on three legs. They could additionally be fixed to a cymbal stand with a drum clamp.


Hi-hat is a core component in the drum collection because it is made use of as the key time caretaker. It is a set of cymbals installed on a specialized stand. A hi-hat is a kind of cymbal as well as stand utilized as a regular part of a drum set by percussionists in jazz, rock-and-roll, and also various other types of modern music.

Collision cymbal

Accident cymbal is a kind of cymbal that generates a loud, sharp collapsing audio as well as is made use of for periodic accents.

Flight cymbal

A flight cymbal is a kind of cymbal that is a basic part of many drum sets. Its feature is to preserve a rhythm, instead to give accents. The primary trip cymbal is the biggest cymbal in a drum set.

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