Drum Sound Is The One That Defines The Emotion


Drums are very popular today. And many people want to learn everything about drum sets. This article will be helpful to those who want to get more information on drum kits. Most drums are made of animal skin which is covered on a cylindrical box. When the skin is hit the sound is produced. The sound will be different according to the size of the “box”. Lots of different types of drums exist today. The major types of drums are: a snare drum, a bass drum, floor tom, high-hats, and cymbals. If you are a drummer, then you also should know about drum sticks, drum heads, stands and drum pedals. Some modern drums are fully electronic with digital drum lots.

They are able to create different sounds and at the same time they are highly portable and do not require much space. Drum sets could include from two to twenty drums. The most common drum kits include three, four, five, six, seven or eight pieces. Some drum sets also include, cowbells triangles, mallets and brushes. Each drum has its distinct function within the kit. A snare drum could produce either a soft or a strong sound by using a brush or a drum stick.

A bass drum is the one to produce low and powerful sounds when hit with a pedal. Tom drums are commonly used in rock music. Usually a drum kit includes from two to three tom toms of different sizes. Bongo drums are the drums that are linked together. They are hit with the hands. Cymbals look like two plates that have a bell in the center. They create an indefinite sound. Drum sticks are important as they are the ones that produce the sound. They could come in various sizes. Their heads are also differently shaped. All drums in a drum set are specially arranged to ensure that the drummer is able to reach all of them efficiently. Digital drum sets usually contain from one to three pieces which could be easily arranged. They also do not require much space.

These drums are played with both hands and feet. A bass drum and cymbals are the ones that are played with the feet. However, electronic and digital drums are not able to match the sound of acoustic drums. They are being upgraded to sound as close to acoustic drums as possible, but the difference still exists. There are many famous drum manufacturers on the market today. Most people know these brands: Tama, Yamaha, Ludwig, Pearl, Mapex and many others. When choosing a drum set it is important to clearly understand your goals. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will have different needs.

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