Rhythms Of Drumming And Classical Dance

What is it about dancing to music that makes us so happy? It could be the way our bodies move, or just the feeling of expression. Even though we may not know what’s on someone else’s mind when they are moving their body around in a rhythmic fashion, there must be something good inside them–because this type of movement always brings out those emotions too!

What’s the connection between drumming and classical dance? It all has to do with the rhythm. In fact, many famous choreography sequences were designed around specific rhythms that their creators had in mind from the start rather than just being inspired by a sound or movement of some sort.

Classical Dance and Drums:

Indian dance and drumming are rooted in the history of India. They have been passed down from generation to generation with new artists lending their voice and style to this ancient tradition as it continues into modern day society. The most notable Bharatanatyam, is an Indian classical dance that tells a story through its steps while drums provide accompaniment for the song being sung by female or male dancers who wear elaborate clothing called “sarees.”

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest among younger generations with these traditions due to increased exposure from social media platforms such as YouTube which can make learning about traditional arts easy thanks to videos made by those who want more people engaged in world-wide cultural exchanges!

Dancing with Drums:

The drum dance is an old tradition that has been practiced in many places throughout the world. The drums are used to imitate thunder, calling for rain and cleansing of any bad spirits or evil thoughts from the village. Thousands of people come out to watch as it signifies a new beginning; everyone’s energy combined creates such beautiful rhythms!

We all love to dance and express ourselves through movements like these because it feels natural for humans; even if you’re never been taught how to do certain moves before or can’t think up any words right away while shuffling your feet back forth with big steps.

Image of a female dancer with Bharatanatyam pose

Drums Beats and Dancing for your Health:

Dancing has many benefits: one being socializing which releases endorphins into your system as well

Our bodies seem to be wired for movement. One might speculate that this is because humans evolved from animals who had a need to move in order to hunt and migrate, but there’s no clear answer as of yet.

Complex theories about the evolution of our brains have been proposed by scientists over time; some believe dance developed before language, while others argue it was only invented after we began speaking.

Regardless how or why it came into being, most people agree that synchronizing music with physical activity must light up all sorts of happy spots in your brain—a double joy!

Dances with drums are pleasurable because the drum’s vibrations match your heartbeat, which has a calming effect on you.

In some cultures dance is believed to heal mental illness or bring good luck while in others dancers may be performing for religious purposes like prayer or seeking divine intervention.

One thing they all share in common however, besides their beauty, is how soothing dancing feels when accompanied by rhythmic music such as those played by African djembes (drums). The reason why these types of dances feel so pleasant could lie within our bodies themselves- namely we humans love rhythm!

There is a famous tamil Drum Dance from the movie Chandralekha (1948)

The drum dance, definitely. Four hundred dancers, a fantastic set with giant drums, six months of rehearsals, and an expense tag of Rs5 lakh. In this movie the rhythm of dance starts at a slow pace and increases along with the tala.

New Generation Steps Into This Fusion:

Smt.Geetha Saraswathy, Guru of Geethalayam school of Bharatham in Chennai is a renowned institution that teaches the art and technique of classical dance shares her experience with dance and drums

” In the present day, there are various types of drum dances that have been passed down from generation to generation. The drums can be played with a stick or your hands and some people play them while simultaneously dancing too!

The rhythm you create as one person is different than when it is created by many people all around you. Drumming along with any classical dance is  a beautiful experience and one that I will never forget.

The world of musical tastes is changing constantly; from a time where Elvis was all the rage to now which features Kanye West at every turn. Parents are able to take comfort in knowing what drives these generations crazy will soon fade away like nearly everything else does eventually – especially when it comes to kids’ taste for different types of music

Our brains are hungry for action and suspense. The thrill from watching coordinated movements that we see in movies, sports games or performing arts can be just as intense to our reward centers as the adrenaline rush of an amusement park ride!