The Drum Cartel- Pep Up Your Spirits With Drum Beats!

Drums! These are musical instruments for the vibrant souls. The beat of drums has the power to cast a spell on your soul making you rejuvenated, energised and happier. A drum produces the rhythmic beat by vibration of a membrane which covers up one end or even both ends of a hollow body. The hollow body is called the shell. The membrane is stretched on the surface, and it produces sound when someone taps on it with hands or sticks. Drums are available in various sizes and shapes. But two of the most commonly used drum shapes are tube shaped and bowl shaped. There are also shallow drums, short drums, frame drum, etc. At Drum Cartel, you find almost every type of drums. Drums needs many kinds of services during their long lifespan. Here is a quick look at all the services including drums:

Repairing drums

Drums, due to repeated usage may get damaged often. It is necessary that the drums be fixed as soon as possible so that it can be used again to produce nice drum beats. Sometimes, just the head or skin of drums need to be replaced. Sometimes, the whole drum needs to be re-wrapped, and the bearing edges need to be cut. For getting the job done in the best way, the right tools for cleaning is mandatory. Proper tools ensure that the work is done perfectly. Also, drum repair needs some expertise and experience in doing it. Others might get it wrong. Drum Cartel always ensures that professional repair persons repair all the faulty drums.

Cleaning drums

However good a drum player you might be, if the drums are not periodically cleaned and maintained, it fails to produce the desired sound and effect. Regular care and cleaning of the instrument ensures that you get the perfect sound. But, just cleaning with a cloth and water won’t do. It requires proper materials to clean and maintain it. The best option to ensure a long lifespan for your drum would be regular preventive cleaning. It is advised to get a dust cover for your drum and cover it with that when not in use. This ensures that the drum remains clean. A nylon cover would be the best option available in the market. An experienced drum cleaner will use spray on applications and clean the drum spick and span. It helps to remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc. Drum Cartel always ensures that their drums are regularly cleaned so that they produce the clear beat of drum sound.

Hiring drums

As Drum Cartel has the best in class drums, it is often given for hire during celebrations and events. Various event management companies hire the drums for making the event energetic and vibrant. The drum beat instantly raises up the spirits and makes the environment into a celebratory mood. One can check out sites like, Working Brides, Shaadi Bazaar, etc. to see how drums that are hired, are now being used events like ethnic-themed weddings. Often the drummers associated with us are featured on sites like due to their immense popularity.

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